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We were founded on the beliefs of faith in God, family traditions, and the great outdoors. While being introduced to the outdoors as a kid, it planted many deeply rooted memories that are cherished today. The “Value of Time Spent” lifestyle is simply the most valuable possession a person can spend. Our family, through a lifestyle of rooted traditions and a belief in a value of time spent has for generations brought us to this point in our lives where our family roots run deep for the outdoors.

While growing up in a small town in Macon County, Georgia, opportunities were abundant to engage and enjoy in the outdoors. It’s where the family roots began to grow for the outdoors as a young boy fishing with my dad every Spring and Summer weekend to hunting with family members in the Fall. This valued family tradition took root introducing my sons to the outdoors at a young age and now continuing as they have grown into adults. As these rooted traditions have grown even deeper with my grandchildren learning at a young age to love and enjoy the outdoors through these roots pasted down from generations.

Our family has a passion for the Value of Time Spent in the outdoors. It’s where we find ourselves cherishing the sentimental time together and the opportunity to exercise the freedom to enjoy our faith, family and the outdoors.

Our past to present of rooted traditions for generations is what has inspired us to develop Antler Roots Outdoors, an apparel company to where we can express, reveal, and encourage that Value of Time Spent lifestyle in God’s great outdoors.

Join us in this Value of Time Spent lifestyle and get outdoors, spend quality time with your loved ones and friends, and make valuable, unforgettable memories!

Founders James Peaster and sons Kirk, Zach, and Matthew
Antler Roots Outdoors

Antler Roots Outdoors - Our Story
Antler Roots Outdoors - Our Story
Antler Roots Outdoors - Our Story

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